Fishermen stumble on bombs in Lake Victoria.

An early morning fishing routine for a group of fishermen on Saturday led to the discovery of five bombs in Lake Victoria.

According to the Fishermen, they thought they had made a huge catch when their net suddenly became heavy but to the surprise, they dicovered a heavy metallic box.

They raised an alarm through their beach management unit chair Isaiah Pero who handled the explosives to officers at Mbita Police station.

It is suspected that the explosives were dumped in Lake Victoria after World war 11 . They are believed to have been used by colonial authorities.

For a while now, fisherman have been stumbling upon all sorts of weaponry, a month ago, a group of Fisherman on a fishing expedition to Lake Victoria stumbled on six motor bombs near Rusinga Island in Homabay County.

The fisherman were out on the lake when their net caught a metallic box which contained the fish-shaped explosives

A few years ago, a standard six pupil died on Rusinga Island after a bomb he was playing with exploded on him.

The boy had no knowledge that the metallic object recovered from the lake was actually a bomb

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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