Your Favourite Celebs Without Makeup!


Ladies put on makeup to enhance their looks. Most women use makeup to make them appear younger while some just do it for fun. A number of women will go the extra mile to ensure that they get the right make-up and make-up artists if they can’t do it on their own. Celebrities, both local and international try to avoid being seen without make-up. They are normally out here looking fresh thanks to the layers of foundation they normally have. I am not hating by the way. We are all beautiful, with or without make-up.

The truth is, celebrities rarely post their photos without make-up. However, here are a few that decided to post their other side on social media. They didn’t really care about how fans would react while some like Avril were trying to create an awareness that girls can still be beautiful without makeup.

Some celebrities look totally different without makeup. Be the judge. Here are a few of them without makeup.


Twenty-one-year-old Azziad is the queen of TikTok. She became famous after she danced to Femi One’s song, Utawezana that featured Mejja. After her video went viral, she was nicknamed the queen of Tiktok since, with every video, she became even more popular. Azziad has already bagged a lot of lucrative deals from different brands including makeup ones. But that hasn’t stopped her from posting photos of herself without makeup.


Avril Nyambura is a singer and songwriter. The singer once posted a photo of herself without makeup and talked about her struggle with acne. Today she is not afraid to post beautiful pictures of herself without makeup. Truth is, she looks equally beautiful, with or without make-up.

Milly Wa Jesus

The first time Milly shared her photo without makeup, fans went all haywire. No lie, she looked different. But Milly didn’t let the haters get into her head. She is confident and still posts her bare face. It’s like the fans found a way of dealing with her photos without makeup. The trolls became less with each day that she posts.

Betty Kyallo

Media siren Betty Kyallo doesn’t care about what her fans think. Especially if it is something negative. Betty posts photos without makeup now and then. Especially lately, ever since she started her weight loss journey. She shares videos and photos in the gym. Of course, you can’t work out with makeup on. The mother of one still looks stunning even with a fresh face.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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