Willy Paul’s Pic That Has Gone Viral

Willy Paul just posted a thousand of a thousand note bundles saying that he spends a lot when it comes to his projects. He revealed that the money pic that he posted was the money that he intends to spend on his album. Willy Paul has been talking about his album for the longest time and as fans, we think that it is high time that he drops it already. On his Instagram he posted:

I spend money on my projects! This is a money album. I’m spending money fast! Who has the best name for this album?? I have some money for you, oooh Lord keep the names coming.. I’m just from the bank!!!!



Of course, fans were quick to react to the photo the singer posted on his Instagram. Below are some of the most hilarious comments.


😂😂😂 hii picha ni ya kudownload

Album inafaa iitwe…. Great moments🔥

Bwana mkubaji Album🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ukinicheki tu na doh unaperepe…unadhani nitakupa fefte..

Willy paul tuma kitu

Hamjaona zangu kwani😂😂🙌

Wash wash😂😂😂😂

Sisi wote futi ni 6 😢😂😂

😂😂 itaishaa tu 😢😢 wivu nayo niko nayo

Kunywa soda ukihustle nanii

Amelipwa na mama wa Harrier

Haiyaa nyinyi na nyinyi hampitangwi na maneno😂😂

Bado tunakumbuka songs of solomon brathee 😂😂🤭



Willy Paul recently made headlines after Miss P, the lady who was signed under his label accused Willy Paul of sexually harassing her. Willy Paul then revealed that he will take legal action against Miss P. Willy Paul however deleted the post afterward. Could that mean that he was taking it back? Miss P was the first female to be signed under Saldido international, Willy Paul’s record label. The two had a hit song, Liar, which performed really well and it’s such a shame that these two had to end things the way they did. Anyways, we can’t wait for Willy Paul to release his new album.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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