Willy Paul ends beaf with Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi and singer Willy Paul have officially ended their beef which has been going on for several weeks now.

The beef between the two entertainers began a few weeks ago after they started contesting about whose music signee, Willy Paul’s Queen P and Eric Omondi’s Miss P, legitimately owns the letter P.

Eric Omondi claimed that it is Miss P who legitimately deserved the letter, a claim that never sat well with Wily Paul hence leading to a series of abuses and bitter exchanges between him and the comedian.

The beef between the two reached its optimum after Willy Paul on Monday released a diss track on Eric Omondi.

The two now seem to have put their differences aside and work together to improve Kenya’s music. This comes after Eric took to his Instagram page to promote Willy Paul’s new song saying how beautiful it is.

“Hizi ndio vitu tunataka Kwa Industry. Watu wajitume kabisa. Naona Ulishoot Video Russia…Endelea hivyo hivyo. Mimi kitu tu nataka ni tuvuke ma Border na tuheshimiwe INTERNATIONALLY,” Eric said.

Reacting to Omondi’s kind gesture, Willy Paul said that he had ended his beef with Eric and vowed to work together in the future. He revealed that Eric is among the few Kenyan musicians who have openly supported his new album, The African Experience.

“Thank you, my brother, btw tuache beef za ujinga na tuinue industry yetu vile umesema.. tufike International standards. Thank you for the support.. mimi beef yangu na wewe imeisha officially.. keep doing what ur doing manze. Keep supporting the industry… sinapata support kwa album yangu ya #THEAFRICANEXPERIENCEALBUM na hizi ndio song ziko ndani.. yaani wewe, @mainawakageni na @arrowbwoy ndio wasee tu wametaja… na msichana wetu @mungai_eve… I’m humbled and sitawai give up now matter what.. one-man army,” Willy Paul said.


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    Written by George Okello

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