Willis Raburu’s Message To Narcissists

Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 show host Willis Raburu has appealed to his fans to always put their words into action instead of preaching wine and drinking water. The journalist cited that those who post about love but act differently are only lying to themselves.


He ended by stating that at the end of the day, it is the action that matters, and not the words. The post followed one where he argued that what impresses one is a clear indication of what they usually think about.


This comes shortly after he targeted his haters in a post, stating how he normally meets them, talk and smile, only for the same people to be at the frontline in recommending his doom and gloom.

Separately, his ex-wife Marya Prude has shared a hilarious post about the wedding.


In a coded post she shared, Marya wondered what would happen if she changes her mind in the middle of the wedding. Well, those who attend the events specifically to eat asked for patience until they eat.


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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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