Where Is Shakilla?

In Kenya, social media platforms have propelled many people to celebrity status and provided entrepreneurs with easy access to potential clientele. A large number of Kenyans have become well known just by posting images and videos on various social media platforms. The lovely young Shakila who has been trending over the past few days is one such person who has garnered attention.

Shakila rose to prominence following an Instagram live show with Xtian Della, a well- known Kenyan blogger. In fact, the two set a new record in Kenya by attracting the largest number of people to an Instagram live. Later on, she got selected to be among the contestants of Eric Omondi’s wife material show. This even propelled her to more fame and popularity.


However, nowadays the sassy girl has gone quiet for some time now. She does not post photos looking almost naked or any other nasty things just to gain fame and attention. Have you asked yourself why? I did a detail about the lady’s life which might just answer our questions.

Early life and educational background.

The stunning young lady is 21 years old as of 2021. She was born in Nairobi’s Jamhuri estate, the first of three children in her family. Her parents are both alive and she was raised in a pretty conservative environment. Until today, she was not even allowed to own a phone. As a result, when she was able to collect enough money to buy one, she had to keep it hidden and only use it after her parents had gone to bed.


Why Shakila went silent all of a sudden.

Shakila aspires to work in the media and maybe host her own talk show because she enjoys speaking. It is for this reason that she wants to rebuild herself and have a good reputation. She believes that everything is possible and she will work hard to make her dream a reality.


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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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