What Is Akothee Suffering From?

Akothee who is the president of all single mothers is popularly known as Esther Akoth, She has five children that is three daughters and two sons.

Well, today Akothee woke up complaining of a terrible stiff neck, she has said that she has woken up later to find out that her neck is having a problem.

Akothee has therefore said at first she thought was a joke but now it is serious, and therefore Bahati who is her fellow musician couldn’t keep calm to comment on Akothee post by making the hilarious comment.


Therefore Bahati has said that that disease is caused by sleeping alone, Akothee couldn’t keep calm too, she has then responded to Bahati by telling him that Nelly Oaks who is her current boyfriend is still there with her this has caused mixed reactions online.

However, Bahati’s comment to Akothee looks so hilarious because nobody expected such a comment from him and therefore it is causing mixed reactions online.


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Meanwhile, what’s your take on Akothee Terrible stiff neck which is complaining of and what do you think is the cause of the disease?

I know the cure. Tell Nelson to silently approach you from behind and PAP! turn it. Or else you’ll be turning with your entire body like a reptile and as if that’s not enough, you’ll be singing ALAAAALOYA! AMEN

When the muscles around the neck are tensed . Could be because of anxiety or something else .

Sometimes kulala vibaya ama pillow pia might cause it.Tena kama ulieka shingo yako kwa mkono ya Nelly for long some neck nerves ziliumia🤦‍️ apply kaluma

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