Video Of Diana Marua’s Sister After Delivery


The Bahati’s are among the most influential celebrities in the country. Bahati seems to be pretty well in the music industry. As for Diana, she is a youtube content creator and a brand ambassador to a number of lucrative brands. Almost all the time, fans, are always waiting to see her next move and what she is going to post net. Either on Youtube or Social media. Today is indeed a happy day in the family of the Bahati’s. This is after Diana’s sister, Michelle delivered her baby. Diana could not keep calm as she has flooded her social media with numerous videos and photos of her sister, still at the hospital.

A few hours after being admitted and a successful c-section, Diana shared a video of Michelle walking at the hospital being held by a nurse. Honestly, she seemed strong. Most women would be lying somewhere tired after their delivery but for Michelle, less than 7 hours and she was already up and walking. A section of fans congratulated her for the strength she portrayed. Early this morning, Michelle had posted a video of herself dancing. Many wondered if she was really expectant because her energy, being at 9 months, was unbelievable.

Below are some of the comments from the video as shared by Diana.



Oneni vile @d_eimos amekuwa m’humble 😂😂😂😂

6 hours post delivery and we taking our first walk
😍 God is good!!

I’m in Awe of the Services given to my sister and her baby by @komarockmodern healthcare. We feel at Home Away From Home 💃

Huyuuuuu ndio alikua anadance asubuhi

Ametulia na vyenye anakuwa amechangamka😂😂😂hii kitu sio mchezo, uchungu wa mama aujuaye ni mama.

Mtu angethani haongeangi😂😂😂😂

The hardest moments after Cs..u did good I couldn’t even stand ..

May God bless us women we go through alot akii 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Congrats to her , , but allow me to laugh for her aki..vile masaa ingine alikua na energy wazimu..
😂😂saa hii ndio huyo

I can’t even with the tiktok pregnant mummy
😂😂😂😂😂…..hapa hakunanga mchezo😂😂😂

6 hours post CS has never looked this strong
😭 .. she is so strong 🙌🙌… Congratulations to her


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Michelle is already a mother of two, plus her new addition, she has a total of three kids now. She once shared her story of how she got pregnant with twins while she was just 19! Well, we wish her all the best with her new addition and we can’t wait to see his/her face.

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