Vera Sidika’s Post Baby Body

Socialite Vera Sidika showed her body curves for the first time since giving birth to first child.

Vera became a mother of Asia Brown in September and she recently marked a month.

Normally, most women would have huge changes in their bodies during pregnancy and after giving birth.


Some would get extra weight or become thin and lose their curvy figures.

They can take more than six months to regain their shape or they might not come back at all.

It is a different situation for Vera as her body is as intact as it was before she stepped into the path of motherhood.

Through a video she shared on Instagram, one can notice that her breasts are not saggy.

In addition, no fat has accumulated on her waist.


She has not been going to the gym or using any medicines to drain any possible fat.


His husband Brown Mauzo and media personality Kamene Goro were impressed by how she didn’t change.

The Kiss FM radio presenter said that she apologizes and felt motivated.

Her husband wrote that he was lucky her wife looked yummy just one month after CS delivery.


Kenyans on the other hand had mixed opinions, some saying that she looks nice others saying that they are artificial.

Below is a screenshot of the comments:



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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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