Vera Sidika’s Daughter Leaves Hospital In Style

Popular socialite Vera sidika has been giving people sleepless nights since the day she announced that she was expectant. The pregnancy announcement was followed by a few others very colourful and expensive events all in preparation of welcoming the new born who was on the way. http://
On 20th October, Vera Sidika went to the hospital and delivered her baby safely through Cs. Since then vera has been Gushing over her healthy cs Wound that according to her, is healing perfectly. Vera also went ahead to advise women to deliver babies on planned cs since it is not painful and according to her it heals fast. http://
Today her bandage was removes from her cs wound and she was discharged from the hospital. To take Baby Asia home, Brown Mauzo rented a limousine. This act has left vera sidika very happy and she cant stop gushing about how Asia will be daddy’s girl. She is happy that Mauzo had accepted his role as a father and has already started pampering their little girl with soft life and expensive taste. Lakini why do people hate on Vera😢 msichana mrembo tu anamind business yake jameni…Blessings follow you❤️ I don’t like commenting but honestly I envy you guys …you deserve happiness Vera  

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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