Vera Sidika Goes On Another Rant

Vera Sidika is again so ‘disappointed’ with her online In-Laws after trolling her on her social media pages. Recently Vera Sidika gave birth to a girl called Asia. However, Vera Sidika has not yet posted any single photo of her girl’s face. Vera Sidika only keeps on praising how beautiful her daughter is. Vera revealed that her daughter looks so much like her husband.

However people are not convinced and people keep on bashing out Vera that her baby looks like her original looks before she bleached. Each day fans are dating Vera to even reveal the skin tone and color of her baby.


Vera has come out to defend herself and has said that even though she was originally black she was so beautiful. Vera has said that she had the perfect features which her daughter has taken after her. Vera added and said that even if her girl turned out to be black she still sees her to be beautiful. Vera added that the people who will continue to troll her will be blocked from Vera’s account. See Screenshots of Vera’s Instagram stories below.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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