Top 5 power couple

The term ‘Power Couple’ in Kenya may be thrown around casually, but a few truly define what relationship goals are about.

But one may ask, what really is a power couple? In Kenya, these are people in relationships who have either been together for a long time and proven that unions do work or have faced some of the most challenging situations and come out on top. They include

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla
When they first were paired to read news on TV, many criticized it, but others were excited to see a husband and wife work so closely together. The two have also been known to play production roles in other gigs outside the newsroom, some of which have been shown on Maisha Magic East.

  1. Size 8 and DJ Mo
    When celebrity couples are criticized for seeking clout, these two have topped the list several times. It started with the first time Size 8 announced that she was switching from secular music to gospel. Many did not expect her to have hooked up with DJ Mo, and more were further shocked when they got married. The two had emerged victorious when reports of infidelity threatened to tear them apart. As they are still together, perhaps they need to share the secret to a long and happy union with the world.
  1. Wahu and Nameless
    Nameless once shared a photo of him and his wife Wahu sharing a plate of chicken and chips at a not-so-fancy restaurant. His caption talked about enjoying the simple moments and that if your lady really loves you, they would not mind where you take them out to eat, but be grateful for the time you two shared. This has been the message Nameless and Wahu have always preached, about being together no matter the circumstances.
  1. WaJesus Family
    This is the couple that has taught netizens what the power of social media truly is. Their YouTube Channel is the go-to place for all matters entertainment and couple goals. But their story has not been smooth all the way. Like many other couples that have had o deal with past challenges that threatened to break their union, with reports of one having had relations with a cousin. However, like the power couple that they are, the Wajesus family has been able to remain together and fought off negative publicity.
  1. Bahati and Diana Marua
    When they say three is a crowd, everyone knows a power couple needs to get rid of the third party. But Bahati and Diana have found a way to work out the perfect blended family, with Bahati’s ex Yvette Obura being in the picture. The two make it seem so easy, but heavy is the head that wears the crown. They have managed to make it work and have all parties involved happy and contented.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga




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