Terrence Creative Bashed Online

Milly Chebby is a known content creator in the country who is loved by many people because of her big heart. Her real name is Millicent Chebet and she uses her YouTube channel to share her content in shows called Ordinary Kitchen and Convo corner, a segment when they talk about marital affairs with her husband Terrence Creative currently known as Papa Fred.


Currently, this couple is trending worldwide because of the good work that they did in collaboration with their team to release the long-awaited episode of Kemikal 3. Since its release, the video is trending in the second position on YouTube with 363k views, 30k likes, and 5.8k comments.

Because of the positive response from his fans, Terence thought it was wise to ask his online family to support him financially because he produced a good quality video. He went ahead to share his Mpesa number and pay bill number on all his social media platforms.


Why don’t you wash some money,instead of us sending Mpesa.Ama Kemikal Ngaisha?πŸ™„

Kenyans. If it was a pastor asking for it mnatoa kabisa but creatives is where you draw the line.

Kenyans are funny, one moment you are praising him ,ooh his content is good, mara he is the king of comedy, now you are here pouring insults on him,if you cannot support just skip the post, the same way you would buy a ticket to go watch wakada forever,is the same way you should feel comfortable supporting

People are hypocritical,the other day walisema they will support you ona sasa…ningetuma but mimi sina. If I had I would have sent something I know you’ve spent a lot by making those videos just to entertain us

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