Tanasha Donna & Hamissa Mobetto’s New Found Friendship

Hamisa Mobetto has left netizens talking on different social media platforms for another time. This is after she made this reply to Tanasha Donna’s comment that has gone viral online.

May Something That Your Heart Truly Desires Happens For You. 💋


According to the post that Hamisa shared through her Instagram account, the lady was passing some information to netizens concerning heart desires.

But what raised eyebrows on this one, is this reply that Hamisa made on Tanasha’s comment! Here is the comment and the reply

This response of Hamisa to Tanasha’s comment has gone viral on social media platforms whereby, it’s sparking mixed reactions currently. Remember, Tanasha Donna and Hamisa Mobetto are both Diamond’s baby mamas.

Now many are out to say that Tanasha and Hamisa are now becoming best friends which is good while, others are out telling Zari Hassan to copy what other Diamond’s baby mamas are doing at the same time.


Anyway, what can you say also about Tanasha Donna and Hamisa being friends? Are they doing it just for the show or do you think their friendship is genuine? Let me know

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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