Sonko’s Daughter Shocks Kenyans With A grand House Tour!

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter, Thicky Sandra recently decided to give Kenyans a glimpse of their family house in Machakos County.

Sandra shared a couple of videos o showcase different areas of the house and we can say is the family is living large. The video has called us poor in so many ways.  From the videos she shared, you could see several cars parked, when I talk about cars, I just don’t mean cars, I mean expensive ones!


You can also see ostriches walking casually. In a common homestead in Kenya, you are likely to see cows. But in Sonko’s family house, all you can see are ostriches and a few horses. The house has a lot of rooms. It has a meeting room, which I probably bigger than your house, a gazebo, guest rooms, and a gym. The gazebo itself is basically ten of all your bedsitters combined, haha, no shade intended.

This is the same house where Sonko invited a number of people in 2018 for the Christmas party. It s alleged that the house probably cost a lot of millions of Kenyan shillings. Sonko’s daughter could not resist giving her followers a taste of what she currently lives under. We are not really sure if this house is what got her Instagram verified. Probably it is the number of visitors who visited her page after she shared the video.

A different side of the house shows a gate that leads one to a beach. As you enter the house, you can easily see not one, but two swimming pools. Sonko’s family house looks like a perfect getaway. When you are all tired from all the vehicle fume and noise in the city, it seems like the perfect hideout for you and your family. It has a breathtaking and relaxing view that anyone wouldn’t want to leave for anything!

Below are a few comments from fans.



Watu wancomplain about rangi, si mnunue rangi muishi ndani😂
Acha nimumunyeko njugu kwanza😂🙌

Watu wanafuga ostrich Kwa boma😂😂

Mi Niko na gold mbinguni😂

Kuna wakenya na Kuna wenye kenya 😭


I’ll be giving out my bedsitter tour ,,turn on notification😂

Ni sawa tu 😢 anyway njoro from mukuru najua uko apa….. ukimwaga maji wacha kurusha na nguvu jana ulinizimia stove

Si wa bed sitter tunawaonesha tukitembea na mende😂

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