Someone Stop Bahati

Bahati has just declared himself as the top gospel and secular artist. He recently posted a video of him vaping and fans couldn’t help but say that he is making fun of God. Before I say much, here is Bahati’s video that has everyone talking. Bahati captioned the video in the following way.

 Just One Puff to Celebrate being the Top Gospel Artist and Top in Secular at the Same Time in Kenya; Humbled 🙏



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Mungu mbele ndugu kioko 🙏

Mungu hapendi mchanganyo .. we hujui unafanya nn. Acha kufurahisha walimweng

Aki huyu ni God unachezea😢😢😢mimi mahali amenitoa siezi aki

 God ako na plan yako soon RIP😢 this a mockery

 Hujui kutumia vape😢😂

😂na ati ulikua unaimbia God…aki wewe baha🙌🙌🙌 pesa wewe

You will turn into a pillar of salt ….wewe cheza tu na mungu😢

When will u find yourself

Enda ukazimie ukililia uko mbaliii🙄saaa naniii anafunza huyuu iziii vitu


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Bahati has never come clean on whether he has quit release ng gospel music or not. All he did was release secular songs. Bahati recently released a gospel song and fans were confused. Is he still into the gospel or did he put that aside?  His latest gospel song has done well judging from youtube. Willy Paul however did things a little bit differently. The minute he felt like gospel music wasn’t working for him anymore, he took it to Instagram to reveal why he was quitting the gospel industry.

Ever wondered why people hate for no reason? Well the so called haters are not really haters. They just wish they had what you have. Yaani they wish they were you or even a quarter of what you’re. Don’t let nobody tell you what is wrong or right for you, kila mtu atazikwa peke yake.
Ask me about myself n I’ll tell you I’m the strongest of them all. What haven’t I seen in this life? Poverty, good life, Beautiful women,Kamati ya roho chafu ? Just to mention afew. People have hated on me for no reason, but that has never stopped me from being me. I’ve been betrayed by close friends and even family but look, I’m still here standing strong!


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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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