Shakilla Savagely Attacked Online

Twenty-year-old wannabe socialite Shakilla decided to ask her fans whether they think she is famous. Probably she thought that the answers from her fans were going to be polite but shock on her. Her fans were quick to tell her that she is not famous and all she does is to find herself in controversies trying to remain ‘relevant.

Here is the post and the question.


No. You are popular.. And there is a difference between being famous and being popular. Thank you

.Sasa ukijua itakusaidia aje?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Uliisha content auko 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ulikam na ukatuboo


Ukona tabia mbaya tu😂😂

Yes but guess people also get tired of clout😢

How do i break this down…okey, you aint famous you are kinda known by a quite good number of people.

Ni mtaro tu inajulikana😂

This 21st century so you are not

U r not😂😂
Bad bad baddest girl😂😂😂😂

Hauwezi kuwa 😂😂

She belong to the street

Yeah ulienda viral because ya remote 😂😂😂😂😂

More like infamous babygirl🌊🌊

You are trying to be… But on the wrong path….

Shakilla came into the limelight after she participated in Xtian Dela’s club covid where ladies were competing to twerk for money. Shakilla was among them and that is how she became famous. After many people started to notice her, she did everything to ensure that she makes headlines on popular blogging sites the following day.

She claimed that she had slept with rapper khaligraph Jones, singer Willy paul, and footballer Victor Wanyama. Khaligraph made her issue a public apology while Wanyama threatened to take legal action against her.


Another reason why Shakilla became popular was when she appeared as a contestant on Eric Omondi’s wife material season 1. The film had a lot of controversies that saw the Kenya Film Classification Board ban it. In the show, The show had a lot of drama and comedian Erc Omondi revealed that everything was for show and that it was scripted.

Shakilla does the most obnoxious things on the internet. Thanks to her live sessions on Instagram, she has been temporarily banned severally but still managed to get her account back.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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