Shakilla Breaks The Internet (VIDEO)

Socialite Shakilla has done it again! this is after she posted a video of herself twerking in a photoshoot set. My question is, does she do this for attention or what? Who even took this video? Were they comfortable? Does Shakilla’s family see what she posts online?

In case you missed the video here it and some of the comments from her followers.



Naona uko karibu kuwa pornstar

I’m here for the comments

Hii shoot nikama ni free

Sasa photographer ata piga picha ama ataona haga

Sucks to be the photographer

Alafu mnasema tudate maphotographers

Weuh..Leo Majamaa Mtamaliza Stock ya Arimis

Ivi kumbe shakila muuza nyapu

Sasa hizi n nn

Utatumaliza usipost zingine leo

ni comments zimenileta hapa

Africa has changed OO

unaona kile naona ama nivae glasses zangu??

@muma_pix ile challenge yenyu shakilla amewashinda


At this point, it seems like Shakilla would do anything just to try and remain relevant come what may. She came into the limelight after she participated in Xtian Dela’s club covid last year. Club covid was a contest where girls twerked live on Instagram for money.


That is how the twenty-year-old got famous. After that, she got a chance to be featured in Eric Omondi’s show, wife material season 1 where 12 ladies were competing to be Eric’s wife.

This is not the first time Shakillla has caused a stir online. Last month she posted a photo where she was baring it all. Recently, Shakilla asked her fans if she was famous but her comment section was filled with hateful comments. 

This year, Shakilla made headlines again for claiming that she owns a home in Westlands. In her interview with Radio Maisha, she revealed that a mzungu lover bought her the home. She also added that she was 18 years old and not 19 as many people thought. She also confirmed that her body count is 97. In the same interview, she revealed that she was to travel to Tanzania the n to be with Rayvanny, of course, this was not true. 

 “It’s true I’ve been with 97 men because I was a porn addict. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, it was just for leisure and it just stopped. I think I grew out of it. I’m, now, actually, set on clocking 40 days without ‘doing anything’. I want to be celibate.”

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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