Sauti Sol’s Member Caught Pants Down

Edgar Obare claims that he is fixing marriages and relationships. Sauti Sol’s guitarist Polycarp Otieno has found himself in hot soup after he was spotted enjoying a good time with a lady, who is not his wife. The two were having fun somewhere along the coast. Having a little time out along the coast is not a problem, the problem now is that Polycarp is a married man with a son.

The main reason why this issue has gone viral is because Fancy fingers is perceived as a low-key man. He doesn’t talk much. Even in the band, he normally plays the guitar and that’s it. he doesn’t sing. He is always chilled and seems like someone who is down to earth so for him to be caught in a cheating scandal, errr….I don’t even know how to comment on that.

The fact that Polycarp was in the company of another woman says a lot for itself. It pays a picture, a picture that says he is cheating on his wife. That is what fans have been forced to believe.


The tea master reached out to him for a comment and he wondered why it wasn’t okay for him to hang with a friend.

So now I can’t hang out with my female friends…I do not have a girlfriend, I have a wife. It’s unfortunate that people are out to taint other people’s lives. I saw this lady taking a pic of me and I let her entertain herself…please carefully analyze what is sent to you,

Its ok taking pics but labeling what’s not is just savage man. Of course not you but the lady who took this. A beautiful life can be ruined very easily. Be it one or my friend’s. Please carefully analyze what is sent to you. Especially of known people like us. We are humans too. Bless.

We want to try and believe Polycarp but why did he ask the lady to move after he realized he was being recorded?

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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