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Sad as Shifura Allegedly ‘Dumps’ Hoozambe Hitmaker Days After Making Her Popular

by Paul Nyongesa
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Sad as Shifura Allegedly ‘Dumps’ Hoozambe Hitmaker Days After Making Her Popular

In a surprising twist, Shifura, the Ugandan beauty who captivated audiences with her enchanting eyes in the viral “Hoozambe” music video, has allegedly parted ways with D Star, the hitmaker behind the song.

This development comes just days after the video’s release, which propelled Shifura to unexpected fame and overshadowed the artist himself.

Shifura’s appearance in the “Hoozambe” video became an instant sensation.


Her mesmerizing gaze and alluring presence captured the hearts of many, leading to a massive surge in the song’s popularity.

TikTok challenges inspired by her have flooded social media, further cementing her status as the unexpected star of the video.

The buzz around Shifura extended beyond the virtual realm, with her making high-profile club appearances in Kampala.

These appearances were marked by grand entrances and ecstatic reactions from fans, showcasing her rapid rise in the entertainment scene. Shifura’s performances, where she often recreated her iconic moment from the video by sitting on the lead singer’s lap, became a highlight, drawing large crowds and generating significant media attention.

However, the relationship between Shifura and D Star has reportedly soured. Sources close to the situation allege that Shifura has distanced herself from the musician, opting to pursue her newfound fame independently.

The reasons behind the alleged split remain unclear, but the news has left fans in shock and speculation.

D Star, who initially enjoyed a surge in popularity due to the video’s success, now faces the challenge of continuing his momentum without the viral allure of Shifura.k

Meanwhile, Shifura’s journey as a burgeoning celebrity continues to unfold, with many curious to see how she navigates her sudden rise to fame.

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