Rue Baby’s Message To Body Shamers

Body shaming has become a form of cyberbullying and if you are a popular person on social media you have been body-shamed once or severally. It is very embarrassing for anyone to abuse another because of how they look physically yet they most likely are not perfect. In fact, no one is perfect. It is even confusing exactly what humans especially netizens want.

You are petite, they say you are very skinny, you gain weight, you are too fat, your skin color dark, they call you names, you skin color is brown, they say you had skin bleaching. Humans! Few netizens came on Rue’s page to make fun of her burst size but they found a strong lady.


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Rue Baby is a model and keeping a certain type of body pays her bill so anyone who thinks she is not good becomes their own problem. Rue was disappointed by the comments some people had for her bikini posts although she had a come back for them. She actually went as far as blocking haters from her Instagram page. This is what she had to say.



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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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