Provocative Things Kenyan Artists Do to Market Their Songs

Kenyan musicians tend to do weird things in the name of promoting viewership to their songs.

It is the in-thing. Act insane or do something dramatic once you have released a song.

They do this to ensure that the trend for a period of time and get people to know what their song is about.

From putting on wigs and makeup to wearing dresses and rolling in mud, here are some of the craziest things Kenyan artists have done to promote their songs.

The major ones have to be Timmy Tdat and Bahati wearing dresses. The two have worn wigs, and makeup and let’s admit, it worked out.

Bahati recently had braids on, leaving many to question whether he is a gospel artist.

Let’s not even talk about Embarambamba.

Before, they could go to the studio, do what is needed, and that was it. Their songs would still trend. So, all these crazy things they are doing in the name of ‘trending’ are UNNECESSARY.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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