Photos Of The Wajesus In Mauritius

The Wajesus Family is one of the Celebrity Couple families in Kenya. Currently, The Wajesus Family are content creators and they are also entrepreneurs. The Wajesus Family comprises of Kabi, Milly and their son Taji.


Kabi and Milly also work as top brand influencers and the couple is currently the official brand ambassadors of Bonfire Adventures Touring Company. Being Brand Influencers means creating content to market services and products that you want to create a market for.


Milly and Kabi traveled to Mauritius to celebrate their four years anniversary in marriage. Kabi and Milly wedded on the second of December in the year 2017. Milly and Kabi are the advocates for the saying Marriage works.


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Kabi and Milly’s wedding has not been perfect as they have suffered great hurdles but together both Milly and Kabi have been able to overcome the challenges and are still strong. Below are beautiful photos of Milly and Kabi in Mauritius.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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