Nyota Ndogo Claps Back

Mwanaisha Abdala commonly known as Nyota Ndogo is a celebrated Taarab Influenced Afro Pop music in Kenya. She is also a businesswoman and she has been serving her customers well in her hotel.

Nyota Ndogo expressed tears of joy when she picked up her Mzungu Bae Henning Nielsen at the airport. The husband has been away for some time and this had affected Nyota Ndogo very much to the point she was in tears after she pranked her husband on April Fools day.

Since the husband jetted back to the country, Nyota Ndogo has been feeling new heaven on earth as she enjoys the marriage life. The husband was very sorry to make her cry when he was not giving her any attention. This made the husband http://

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buy her a brand new car to rub off her tears.

Nyota Ndogo has been sharing the best moments with her husband and their marriage life has proven that life is sweet when you just find the right partner.

Nyota Ndogo has taken to her social media accounts and shared a video alongside her husband as they were dancing holding hand


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The video has gone viral attracting various reactions from fans. There was a fan who trolled Nyota Ndogo and warned her against exposing her private marriage life online. The fan accused Nyota Ndogo that she is too open with her life hence she should keep it private and enjoy life to the fullest without the general public knowing.

Nyota Ndogo replied to the fan that she will keep updating them so that when she dies there will be no wrong data since everyone knows her private life.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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