Mzungu Bae Takes Nyota Ndogo Back

Kenyan musician Nyota Ndogo is over the moon following her reunion with her husband after months of breakups. A happy Nyota Ndogo announced the good news through her official Instagram page with a short clip welcoming him to the Country.


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Sabuni ya moyo wangu. Karibu nyumbani,” wrote Nyota Ndogo.

She further went ahead and posted a photo of the two and advised people not to play with love because it is a unique thing.

Ngasema ngamiss ngablack ngake. Ngajileta mwenyeweLove is something else usicheze na love,” added Nyota Ndogo.


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The musician and her mzungu bae Hunning Nielsen went silent on each other after a prank on April’s fool’s day went wrong. The ‘kuna watu na viatu’ hit maker said that her bae used to send her upkeep money although the two were not talking.

Early this month Nyota Ndogo announced that she had gotten a new bae and she was even introduced to the new family.

However, she also went ahead and said that the news made her mzungu bae jealous and that he started talking to her. She seems to be very happy with them reuniting because she was always begging for forgiveness from her husband.

Ngaona wivu ngakuja is a beautiful thing..Rudisha ring Sasa😜

❤️🙌mdhungu kasurrender chezea damu nyeusi wewe

Mwambie tena unamimba yake uone 😂😂😂
Ngaskia muzuri kuwalola ngasmile 😍😍😍

nga shangaa akuache aende wapi msupa wetu,celeb wetu nyota ake sisi🔥🔥🔥🔥

Umemloga wewe chezea Mombasa 😂😂😂😂🙌

Mwambie tena unamimba yake uone 😂😂😂

Hopefully, we won’t get to hear that these two have gone their separate ways again.


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