Mulamwah’s Wife Trolled Mercilessly

Once you become a public figure and be known to the social world, people make it their business to tell you how you should look, what you should be and so many things that are not who you are. People make sure to spot the slightest mistake or imperfection in socialites. So, Carol posted a picture of Mulamwah, Keilah, and herself wishing her daughter a happy one month. The family looked happy and contented only for few netizens to pick on Carol.


This is such a happy family, right? Anyways, someone felt too concerned about Carol’s hair and suggested to her that her locks required a retouch. Another came with another suggestion, telling Keilah’s mum that she should now get fat. This is what Carol had for these two people as a polite way of telling them to mind their own business.

Sasa huanze kunona plz, okey?? Eee watu wakizaa kazi Ni kunona kunona tu.🙏

Unakuanga mrembo but unajiachilianga Sana….Sasa ona nywele😮…

Izo dredy zinataka retouch mamie😍😍

Adorable 😍😍 happy one month keila


Some people yawa kwani nywele yake ndio inafanya mnapumua aii let her be kama anataka kutengeneza it’s up to her .. y’all be talking bad na yeye life still runs smoothly..can you be kind to other people.eish…hatred mtaenda nayo heaven pia…

Where do people get the time to hate on other people? Especially the fact that you are doing behind your phone makes you a coward. Can we all just stop spreading hate and negative vibes and just show love. Maybe Carol like her dreadlocks like that, who know? so no one has a right to tell her what to do, including retouching her dreadlocks.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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