Mulamwah Breaks His Silence

Mulamwah has come out loud to give the reason for why they call it quits. Mulamwah and Carol sonnie did not just part yesterday it is a decision they decided to quit a long time ago but decided to keep it low. They will only be sharing responsibilities for the sake of their baby girl who is about two months old.


Mulamwah clarified that they are not in any way trying to get attention from netizens it is something which is real and netizens should respect their decision and stop casting stones to what they have decided to do. Mulamwah added that what they have done is to make them happy and not anyone else.

This is my favourite picture of us in my gallery ,only you and i know what memories it evokes and what prevailed after. It has been the best experience with you by my side. Sad , but carrol & i decided to call it quits .We both decided to separate a very long time ago but we so it fit to also put everything straight that we are no longer together as partners. Ofcourse our beautifull daughter’s pripriorities comes first , and she will never lack anything within my reach . For carrol thanks for everything i still have the utmost respect for you , and all the best ahead.
Dont be too quick to judge neither me ,carrol nor ruth for our actions and choices maybe one day it will all unfold open and youll get the clear picture of what really transpired , its not easy to just step out without solid reasons , we could no longer sacrifice our peace and live in pretence for your happiness . And to other couples out there , when things dont work out dont resolve to violence , sit down and squre things out peacefully ,theres always still a life after everything .
Instead of mockery laughter and trolls , pray for us , this is quite alot for us to go through now , you never know who could be next . We dont clout – ( as you call it )- on such sensitive matters involving lives . All the best , baraka . Lets get back to work 🖤


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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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