Mr. Seed’s Alleged Baby Mama Gives Birth

Gospel artist Mr. Seed was exposed a few months ago by the tea master after one lady by the name Swabrina queen claimed that Mr. Seed was responsible for her pregnancy. Swabrina reached out to Edgar Obare and revealed that she has been seeing the gospel artist for some time and things led to one another before she got pregnant.

It seems like Swabrina has given birth thanks to the content that she has been posting on social media. She posted a baby’s hand and captioned it saying that Allah, her God, is the most powerful creator.

Mr. Seed is a gospel artist and at the time when the matter came to the public’s attention, he was in a relationship with Nimo Gachuri.  The fans did not take it lightly since they were asking themselves how could a man of God cheat on his wife and impregnate another lady? However, this was not really surprising. A lot of gospel artists have been involved in scandals. Before backsliding, Willy Paul was accused of attempted rape. Before Bahati accepting Mueni as his baby, he requested DNA from his baby mama, Yvette Obura. Something that he greatly apologized for recently. He asked for forgiveness from his baby mama and said the only reason he didn’t acknowledge Mueni before was that he felt like he was going to be judged by society.

As for Mr. Seed, he allegedly impregnated another woman nine months after his son was born.

After the allegations, Nimo deleted photos of Mr. Seed from her social media. It seems like the two decided to call it quits or they decided to maintain their relationship on a low level, away from the public eye.

As for Swabrina, she can’t really help it. She seems to be happy with an additional child in her life. The mother of three revealed that when the time is right, he will prove that Mr. Seed is indeed the father of his child. For now, all we have to do is what and see whether Mr. Seed is going to comment on the issue.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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