Michelle Ntalami Opens Up About Her R/ship With Makena Njeri

Mitchelle Ntalami has spoken with the media for the first time since her break up with Makena Njeri. Speaking in an interview with Mpasho, Mitchelle said that her relationship with Makena Njeri was very beautiful, they had many good moments, including vacation together and most people admired their relationship.


Mitchelle said that they broke up, but she still respects Makena Njeri, and she will never expose the lover who Makena Njeri cheated with, because she doesn’t want to tarnish her name and also destroy the brands of the two. Mitchelle said that, she openly told the public that they have broken up, because that was the only way she could have used to release her pain.


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To all our friends, fans and followers, thank you for riding hard for them and I. There were several fan pages dedicated to us, beautiful photos, captions and stories written all over. You kept us going, and because of you, we survived a little longer.

To the LGBTQ community, thank you for your constant love and support. I feel terrible because I was lied to, therefore in turn you were too. It breaks my heart when I recall how hard you rode for us and looked up to us as your beacons. This explains my absence in the events by the company. I will always love and support you, and if nothing else, all the work, effort and love I painstakingly put into the company we both began is the biggest evidence of that, and my greatest gift to you. 🏳️‍🌈


She said that she has healed, and now she is almost ready to fall into another relationship. She thanked everyone who supported her during the hard times and also everyone who understood her situation and came out to help her recover from such a painful heartbreak.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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