Marya Prude’s Message Leaves Fans Worried

Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Marya Prude has again posted a message on her social media that has left fans worried. After the loss of her baby, Adana, netizens have always wondered if she is doing okay. Of course, no one knows what she is going through, the only person who knows the pain of losing a child is the mother. Marya Prude has made her fans raise questions on whether she is doing fine. This is mainly because of the quotes that she has been posting on her page. A number of Kenyans are convinced that the 26-year-old is not doing okay and she needs professional help.

Recently, she posted an image that says, ‘It could all be gone tomorrow.  Always remember that.’ According to Marya Prude, anything that is in your life might not always be there. It might be there today and then disappears the next day. She did not follow the image with a caption, she just posted it. however, she indicated that it was important for one to keep the quote in mind.

The post was okay until when she followed it with a throwback video while she was pregnant with Adana working out in the gym. Marya and Willis Raburu lost their baby after her birth. The two then went ahead and got marching tattoos in memory of their daughter. A few months after the incident, the two called in quits and divorced. It seems like things did not end well between the two. Marya warned her fans from referring to her as Mrs. Raburu. However after Willis and his new flame Ivy Namu welcomed a baby boy, Marya Prude went ahead to cover the tattoo with that of a rose flower.

#tbt to when working out pregnant was easier than I thought. I really enjoyed it…Adana gave me so much energy and strength that I was looking forward to working out every other day.

After things ended between Marya and Willis, she has been posting quotes that are making fans worried. Maybe that s just how she deals with what goes on in her life. The quotes may mean nothing but then again, they could mean something.

Currently, Willis is dating Ivy Namu with whom they have a son who turned one month recently. It seems like Willis has always wanted to be a dad. From the post that he normally shares bonding with his son, he seems pretty happy. Marya however, has never moved on to a new relationship after Willis.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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