Marya Prude Says She’s Rather Be Single

Media personality and his ex-wife Marya Prude separated under unclear circumstances after three years of being in a relationship. Marya Prude has shown no signs of moving on and she is happily single while Willis Raburu has found a new girlfriend and together they are blessed with a baby.


Since her separation from Willis Raburu, Marya Prude has been sharing emotional moments on her Instagram account which have always gone viral. Her post has always attracted reactions online as some Kenyans have been left guessing that maybe she is suffering silently following her posts on social media which always carry a hidden meaning.


In her latest post, Marya Prude reveals the reason why she is happily single than to be in an uncomfortable relationship. According to Marya Prude, some people do not know they are alone in their relationship but for her, she knows she is in a good state being single.


Her post had a hidden meaning in which she clearly meant that some people are in toxic relationships without knowing that their partners are cheating on them. This comes a time when modern relationships are facing a challenge in which one partner cheats on the other without the consent of the other while hiding everything pretending to be in love with their partner while they have side partners.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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