Maribe Wants Eric Omondi To Step His Game

Media personality Jacque Maribe has challenged her baby daddy, Eric Omondi to step up and take her for a gateway.

Taking to her Instagram timeline, the former Citizen TV presenter asked the comedian to take her and their son, Zahari, for a weekend gateway. In her request, Maribe asked Bonfire CEO Kabu Simon to ensure the gateway happened.

“@ericomondi another getaway loading no? @kabusimon come,” Maribe wrote.

Maribe’s statement comes after Eric Omondi showed her some love after revealing the struggles she underwent to get their son.

Jacque and her son Zahari. Photo: Instagram

Maribe revealed that there were so many occasions she could have lost her son during the pregnancy. According to her, it is the traumatic experience that makes her so protective of the child.

Here is Maribe’s statement;

“One day, while in South Africa, a good friend of mine @brianbaraka told me “uko na mood swings kama za mtu ako na mimba.” We laughed but to be honest it was the hardest trip I did, I was throwing up literally all the time. But I didn’t think I could have been pregnant. Because baby’s daddy @ericomondi had said we wait a while.

Then I came back home on my birthday. @wamboshiks my childhood BFF had organized rieng pale Rafikiz Langata. Even included my mother who came for me and took me to the spa for nini nini.

Jacque Maribe, Eric Omondi, and their son Zahari during their previous vacation. Photo: Instagram.

Kina @ericomondi
Were there busy throwing raos. @catewamaribe

@njeripriscathy was busy dancing and showing love. Then May 2014. See, I had gone through miscarriages. During this pregnancy, every single day was a blessing. I chose 14th, and boom, this cute child of mine came.

I am very particular about my son. I am so invested in his well-being. I am his mother not for the name but for his life. So many times I would have lost him during that pregnancy. So when you see me being an overly protective mum, you know. And anyone who harms my child is the devil reincarnated.”

Eric Omondi. Photo: Instagram

Reacting to Maribe’s statement, Eric Omondi showed her and their son love and support by referring to them as his people.

“MY PEOPLE 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️,” Omondi wrote.

Since partying ways a few years ago, both Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe have been goals for co-parenting. The two have been uniting occasionally for the sakes of their son. They have been seen taking the child to school as well as celebrating his birthdays together.

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