Maria actress Yasmin Said reveals shows off her husband


Popular Kenyan actress Yasmin Said has for the first revealed the face of the man who has won her heart, months after claiming that being in a relationship was not her priority.

A few days ago, Yasmin surprised her followers when she changed her Instagram profile picture and put the photo of a man. Asked by a curious follower who the man in her profile was, the Maria actress claimed that he was her husband.

“Sasa umetuekea profile pic gani?” one Sleetee_ke asked.

She replied: “Bwana yangu.”

In a previous interview with Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill, the 20-year-old revealed that at her age, being in a relationship is haram as per the Islamic faith and therefore she was not considering dating at the time.

“I’m just a teen na mambo mengi sio Priority kwangu. Then again a come from a background where I am a Muslim, says the name Yasmin Said and kwa Dini yetu kuwa na boyfriend ni Haram. Halal ni mpaka wewe uolewe uwe na mume wako bure haya mambo mengi ni kuzini (Fornication). So mambo na boyfriend hapana,” she said.

“You know, having a boyfriend leads to so many things in this life and ukiwa mtu mzima you know what is wrong and what is right. There are some things you don’t want to happen to you and then it’s all fun and games ikiwa tu mkifurahia lakini sometimes you don’t know the outcome.”

Now that she has turned 20, it now seems Yasmin has decided to settle down with a man of her life and she ain’t shying away from showing him off to the public.

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    Written by George Okello

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