Makeup achia Huddah wewe imba na natural skin- Fans to Nyota Ndogo

Coast based Singer Nyota Ndogo is again making headlines over her make up skills. Recently, the singer started posting makeup related videos and fans are not letting anything slide.

The first time she made headlines was in 2016 on her wedding day.  She married Henning Nielsen in an Islamic wedding. The lovebirds then got married in a ‘Western’ wedding which witnessed wardrobe malfunction on the part of the bride.

Nyota Ndogo was over-pimped with makeup which made her look ‘scary’.

Kenyans dissed her for looking like a clown. She enrolled for makeup classes in what she said was a means to learn how to get her face done the right way.

It seems that even with all the makeup classes, she still has a lot to learn.  

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    Written by Paulette Mboga




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