Lynn Ngugi’s Near Death Experience

Popular YouTuber Lyn Ngugi has been involved in a road accident on her way to Tanzania. The media personality revealed that they were traveling to Kenya- Tanzania border for a shoot and that is when the accident took place. Speaking on her social media pages, Ngugi stated that they were in a car with her brother and other crew members when the wheel on the left side of the vehicle broke its bolt joint.


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Involved in an accident early morning on our way to Kenya/Tanzania border for a shoot. Was sitting on the front left and the wheel on my side literally broke it’s bolt joints forcing the wheel to come off while still on the move. All I saw were sparks and smoke

How my bro Dan gained control of the vehicle while we all remained calm is still inexplicable. At that very moment, I was reminded that God is still on the throne and to never doubt His love for us.
In everything, let’s give thanks.And always pray for God’s peace and calmness in every situation you are in. I have never doubted that I am protected, guarded and loved by Him. His Grace is indeed sufficient. All of us are safe and sound and enjoying the calmness and peace of God.


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According to the post shared by Lyn on her Instagram page, the accident took place just a few minutes ago. She revealed that they prepared very early in the morning for the trip, took her car and started their journey to Namanga. Lyn said that she was seated in the front seat when she had the noise of a wheel breaking.

Ngugi revealed that the fact that she is still alive is God’s plan. She stated that how her brother, Don managed to control the vehicle and how they managed to stay calm was a miracle. Netizens have flooded the YouTuber’s comment section with quick recovery messages.

God is good😢 may He protect you always

We thank God for the preservation of your life and of your team. We love you all.

I cover you with the precious blood of JESUS CHRIST …May God continue protecting you lynn and your team. AMEN

It is well my friend … God be with you🙏🏽

He watches over His own people, He has commanded Angels to watch over you, psalms 91

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