Lillian Nganga’s Post Raises Eyebrows

Lilian Ng’ang’a honorarily ditched her husband, Alfred Mutua- the current Machakos county commander in chief for her newfound Love, Juliani.

Since their breakup, the two haven’t shied away from the cameras and have kept their pages updated and engaging.


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The former Machakos County first lady said that women should not be afraid to breach all the laid traps and contracts even as she shared a quote that is already receiving multiple interpretations.

“When someone says ‘After all I have done for you’ they are revealing that what they did for you was not for you at all but for their own need to control you.

Their generosity was just a contract with hidden terms of compliance. Breach that contract, and you become the problem,” she quoted.

After the Mutua-Lillian drama, everyone has been on Lillian Nganga’s case. with every post that she makes, people are always wondering if she is trying to pass a message from her previous relationship.

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