Juliani’s Baby Mama Breaks Her Silence

Juliani’s baby mama, actress Brenda Wairimu took to her Instagram live to revealing that he is battling anxiety. The mother of one went live and asked her fans how they deal with anxiety for some time now.

Fans have already made a judgment that her video was linked to Juliani. Recently narrated how she found out that she was being cheated on fans automatically deduced that she was talking about Juliani. She later deleted her tweet but you Kenyans, they had already taken a screenshot. Below is the tweet.

As for Juliani, he went ahead and responded to the claims and said he would never fight the mother of his daughter.

Lately, Juliani has been trending after he was linked to governor Mutua and Lillian Nganga’s split. However, the singer has not confirmed nor denied the allegations that he is dating the former governor’s wife. Lillian too hasn’t commented on the issue. She posted Juliani’s photo on his birthday and that is when the rumors started going around.


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Below is Brenda’s video.


 anxiety attacks- panic disorders are not talked about enough and it is something so many have. It can be one certain thing or an over flow of things. Best way to get ride of it is to try relax in your own way and sometimes it just takes time. So a walk helps, talking to God and just pouring out all your emotions, meditating, working out, bing watching anything to get your mind off, if you can take a forced nap, cook, etc…

Try chamomile tea and take deep breaths. Listen to some soothing music. We are praying for you.

Been there sometimes but I believe you need to just love your damn life and let everything flow ,,wherever it is coz we can’t change anything in this life …breath in and try to pray ,,you will find peace for sure ….be around positive people…all will be fine ghurl😍

You could seek professional help I have and I must say am doing better

That’s how i feel too,lkn as time goes by inaisha lkn ile pilipili nitakayo onyeshwa na tumbo,weeeh. Tumbo huuma vibaya😢

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