Jemutai’s Big Win

Jemutai made a huge announcement following her drama with her baby daddy, Prof Hamo. Jemutai is now the brand ambassador for Oreo. Netzines made fun of her after the whole Hamo saga they started to call her Oreo. Jemutai claimed that every time Hamo would visit the kids, which she rarely did, he would only bring two Oreos for the kids. That is how Oreos started trending. She shared the news with her fans on social media while she was holding the snack and fans were ready in the comment section with congratulatory messages.


She accompanied it with a message saying;-

” My good people, remember the OREO story??? Some of you went to their page mukitaka nikuwe brand ambassador. Well…”


If you are not familiar with the whole professor Hamo drama with Jemutai, these two made headlines early this year after Jemutai accused Hamo of being deadbeat to their two kids. She revealed that Hamo never had time for his children. Jemutai faced a hard time and she wanted to sell her Facebook page so that she could use the money to buy food for the kids.

So everything works together for the good… we praise God for you!

Congrats , Kwa kiluya tunaambia mungu “orio munoo “ Asante Sana 


 Missing someone often can cause insomnia. The frustration of being without that person keeps you awake at night.

Let just say Hamo is a blessing in your life, because of him Oreo happen

you made me eat it for the very first time and last… I can’t believe it.. it tastes 

While some were genuine, many were unknowingly pushing blessings your way thinking they’re mocking you. 


So it happened that I was pregnant from the story nikapata cravings za oreo…I purchased alot..

You deserve it girl

Allow me to first. I like your open heart in everything you experience in life. Congrats darling. Opportunities come that way.

You deserve it, bought 2 in your honour the other day. didn’t know about them before your 2 00am oreo brief

Oreo helped me get through a certain breakup. I couldn’t eat proper food due to anxiety so I only ate Oreo and soda.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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