Jemutai & Hamo’s Video That Everyone Is Talking About

Professor Hamo and Jemutai and Hamo are currently enjoying themselves in Mombasa. Jemutai shared a photo of her having fun with Hamo while they were enjoying some quality music. I don’t know if these two are chasing clout or this is how they are running things now.  A few months ago, you wouldn’t have guessed that we would get here. I mean, these two were throwing words at each other on social media, how they are friends now, I really don’t understand.

 Had so much fun Jana with this human.
Thank you @bonfireadventures

 #6Th Anni



Nakwambia raha 😂😂😂😂😂pia mimi relationship yangu ikigonga mwamba ntaileta hapa kwa mitandao watupatanishie huku..

 number 3 loading

Aki mapenzi wewe😩 nisikushike 😊😮

Sasa mliwachia bibi mkubwa watoto? Si poa 😂😂😂

Aki oreo wewe, I see this I miss Edgar alot😢Edgar it was be well soon

Naona 6th anniversary hapa. Ile kuachana mlikua mmeachana ilikua mid-term ama? So mnacount from mara ya 1s ama from juzi, hesabu imenichenga 😂😂

Someone tell me name of this song

Looks like your vibes are the same sasa gushetani kulikua gunaingia kati

Jemutai and Hamo have been involved in the worst child spport in the ecelebrity world ever! Jemutai accused Hamo of being deadbeat. According to Jemutai, Hamo was not helping her take care of their kids and if at all he would visist them (once in a blue moon) he would bring two oreo biscuits for the kids. That is how the name oreo started to trend, thaks to Jemutai.


It eems like these two came to an understanding and decided to burry the hatchet because nowadays, all they do is hang out together. They even started a youtube channel where they talk about topical issues. Well, I am glad they decided to keep the past behind and we won’t get to a hear a different story someday.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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