Jeff Koinange On Spot After He’s Caught Staring At Female Reporter’s “Chest”

Citizen TV presenter Jeff Koinange has been put on the spot for allegedly staring at Lili Muli during a live broadcast.

Kenyans accused the veteran presenter of absentmindedly staring at his co-host’s chest as they read the Sunday night prime news. They also claimed that Jeff sounded off and tired while reading the news.

“I don’t know know if you guys also noticed that Jeff Koinange was absent-minded, sounded off with an obtuse posture while anchoring the 9 pm bulletin on Citizen TV last night. Half the time he was there just staring at Lilian Muli’s chest saying things like “Team Mafisi” on Twiter user identified as MUHAMMAD ONYANGO said.

The allegations come after Jeff struggled to read news on both teleprompters and printed pamphlets, patching and occasionally repeat words.

During the broadcast, Jeff fluffed his lines, repeatedly shifted seats, and looked uneasy. The presenter also seemed off and surprisingly failed to use his trademark phrases during the broadcast.

“Is it just me or is it team mafisi everywhere,” Koinange said as he responded to a story done by fellow presenter Waihiga Mwaura.

Mwaura had done a story of how Ethiopians tamed wild hyenas by personally feeding them. Responding to Mwaura’s story, Jeff constantly confused Maura with his other colleagues at the station. He also seemed to be confusing the story with others.

“Very bold. Lets us take a break here. Plenty more ahead folks, including that part two of the interview between Chief Justice, Martha K… Martha Koome and our very own Yvonne Mato…Yvonne Okwara Matola,”  he said.

Adding to the numerous errors that he made, Jeff also confused the TV show with a morning radio show that he is also hosts.

Following Jeff’s continuous error, some Kenyans suggested that he was sexually attracted to his co-host Lilian Muli while others claimed that age was catching up with him hence causing his confusion.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans:

“It’s time for Jeff Koinange to go for an editorial role, seems tired. Just staring at Lillian muli’s chest for half an hour. We had to wait,” Mannu suggested.

“It’s not a miracle to have TV anchors in that state. Jeff Koinange was in high spirits yesterday. I think he’s almost on his way out of the screens. Time to be given editorial roles. He’s obviously tired. He’s been around for a while,” Abuga Makori EGH, MBE said.

“I thought I was the only one who noticed that Jeff Koinange wasn’t sobber yesterday until I found him trending here. He was veeeery drunk,” TheGrandDuke said.

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