Jamal Roho Safi’s Message To His Followers

Jamal Roho Safi has turned out to be a motivational speaker. You see the joke where people say that once you have broken up with your partner you become a motivational speaker, well, Jamal Roho Safi has turned to be one of them.

Recently, Jamal warned his followers against sharing weaknesses with other people. According to Jamal, people are normally waiting for you to mess up so that they can’t take advantage of you. Below is the post he shared

Surround yourself with people who get
excited when you’re doing well or when you have good news!
There are people who only support others until they see you
doing better than them. You don’t deserve to be around
anything that’s not genuine 100%



Ustadh vipi updates za nyumba ndogo mume mute sana alaaaaah😂

🙌 kamanda

asante kwa kurudi kwa bibi malaya alikua wa kukula pesa zako

Waiting for nyumba dogo, to Address the nation🙌

hizi amekuwa comedian 😂😂 pls take her back you guys match



Ever since Jamal and Amber Ray broke up, he has been maintaining a low profile. Word on the street is that he went back to his wife Amira and the two are living happily ever after. Nowadays, all Jamal does is post photos of his son with Amira.

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