Jalango Narrates How He Begged His Wife Back Then

Love is a beautiful thing but at times convincing people that you truly love them is the hardest thing. People say that the world is full of lies and some people are driven by lust and not love.

It takes consistency and persistence to really prove your true love since people have been cheated enough and believing that true love exists is quite difficult. Jalang’o and his beautiful wife Amina are a wonderful couple serving us with the favorite couple.


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Amina is the woman she remarried after breaking up with his first wife. In his morning show on kiss FM with his co-host Kamene, Jalang’o agreed that it wasn’t easy winning the heart of his wife. He said that he tried to convince her that he truly loved her but she first rejected him because all she wanted was proof.


Jalang’o said that he would pick her at the office and drop her at USIU for her classes and still wait for her at the parking lot. He said that this is something he would do every day even though the wife had her personal car.

He also added that he used to beg her like a fool and at some point, he almost gave up bust since he loved her, he didn’t want to give up so fast.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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