Is Kamene Goro Getting Married?

Radio queen Kamene Goro might be getting married! She recently posted an image showing a ring and fans immediately speculated that she is getting married. The radio didn’t say much, all she did was post the photo. Kamene has been linked to being in a relationship with Joe Muchiri but the two have never come out to admit that they are in a relationship.


This is not the first time Kamene is going to be married. She shared her experience on how she got married when she was in her early twenties, left everything to be with the man that she loved but he still let her down. Kamene revealed that’s when she suffered depression. In an interview with True Love magazine, she opened u and said:

Towards the end of my marriage, I was depressed. I popped about 70 sleeping pills to end it all. But just when I started to feel woozy, I heard a still voice asking, do you not trust me handle this for you. Thankfully there was an AAR a few doors from where I lived. I drove myself there and got my stomach pumped,


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Yes my marriage lasted for a about 1 year but we had been together for four years. We had been a civil wedding and were planning a destination one. He was a serial cheat and I busted him a couple of times. I moved to Tanzania to be with him but there was a time I got me sick and I had to come to Nairobi for treatment,

Women contribute to each other’s suffering by misleading each other. He cheated on me till I tried suicide yet I was still being told to hang on. Hang on to what? What kind of role model are you to your daughters when that is the standard you are setting

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