“I Was Not Born Again” Kabi Wa Jesus On Why He Sired a Baby with His Cousin

A few months ago, one of Kabi was Jesus’ cousin came out and revealed that Kabi sired a baby with another cousin in the family, baby Abby. He was on the spot because, as a ‘saved’ man, netizens were wondering how he could impregnate his own cousin. He was exposed for being deadbeat.

The YouTubers took it to Youtube, and they said they never knew what was going on and that baby Abby was the child of another family member. He insisted that he never had any romantic relationship with his cousin.

Yesterday, Kabi’s cousin took it to Instagram and revealed that the results were out, and Kabi is the biological father of little Abby.

Kabi, on his part, made a statement saying he is ready to provide and take care of his baby and claimed he was not saved when the incident happened.

KR On Youtube

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    Written by Paulette Mboga




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