I still Love Omosh- Omosh’s First Wife Says

Omosh first wife, Mrs. Ngatia is on the spot after the remarks she made about Omosh during her interview with YouTuber Hiram Maina. She had a lot to say about Omosh, including how he used their kids for fame. Mrs. Ngatia revealed that she is currently being thrown out of houses due to lack of rent and yet Omosh has a three-bedroom house.

Mrs. Ngatia says that Omosh gets angry every time she visits the house and asks her why she is there uninvited.

She says that the kids fill her with questions of when their father- Omosh- is coming to visit them. Fans think that it is funny that Omosh said he has kids to feed yet he is not doing that. Mrs. Ngatia is pleading with well-wishers to build her a mabati house, that is all she is asking for. Despite all these, she has maintained that she still loves Omosh.

Here is a part of the clip and comments from netizens.



What made me to stop watching the 1st interview, was when Omosh said, “1st wife akona watoto WASICHANA watatu” this made me know which house Kinuthia prefers. My question is, kwani watoto wasichana sio watoto? Does it mean the 2nd wife amemzalia viume tupu? This hurts me a lot!!!

i wish we can join hands and build her even something better that she thinks she deserve. Its your time and i know things will change

Mrs ngatia she’s very beautiful ..nilijuwa ulikanyagiwa

Name sake Judy,Judy,Judy please stop loving this guy and start loving yourself. You are a beautiful woman move on with your life

Stop calling the she devil co~wife ,and Omosh is acting even in real life…he knows you’re a name,the reason for using you.

On another note, unataka kunjegewa kwao kwanini. Accept your situation huna bwana, move on. Hustle your own way. Maybe whatever you get, atakuja kuchukua

Kikuyu tradition demands that a man builds a home for the first wife before he can build for the second wife .What Omosh did is unacceptable ,mean, cruel and unfair to his first wife.Omosh should build his first wife a house now that the the public build him a house..

I’m sorry to say that you have wasted 10 years with your heart leaning on omosh. If you let him go am sure you would not be where you are. Anyway pole sana for the frustrations you’ve gone through. You deserve help.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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