Here Is What Rue Baby Thinks About Contraceptives 

As the world marked the contraceptive day, Rue Baby was among the celebs who marked this day in style. Rue Baby, through her message, said that contraceptives should not define a woman. She revealed that she is pleading her support to the right of women to have a better understanding of the use of contraceptives. She further told all women who are on contraceptives they are not evil for not wanting to carry pregnancies. She wrote the following on her Instagram:

Contraception doesn’t define a woman, Nothing should ever come in between you and your healthy life, not even unwanted pregnancies.Let’s pledge our support on the right of every women to have a proper knowledge about the utility of contraceptives on this day.I just want you to know that you are not an evil person for avoiding pregnancy. It is your absolute right and that is what we both fight for on World Contraception Day. I wish you a warm and peaceful life on World Contraception Day


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Though with more information on human reproduction, with a little enlightenment on self control, the case for contraception is weaker.

Rue baby isn’t the only one who marked the special day in style. Actress Sandra Dacha too took to her Instagram to celebrate the day. 


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This post here is a celebration to every WOMAN out there as we celebrate WORLD CONTRACEPTION DAY! I wanna let you know that you have all the right and might to avoid unwanted pregnancies because at the end of the day it’s all about YOU! Make decisions over your own body and better your future! May this classic female arm pose remind you that the POWER is in your HANDS 💪 We can make it💪 If we try 💪 Don’t sit down there and cry💪

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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