Here Is What Is Making Marya Prude Angry

Marya Prude is among the celebrities who are not impressed by American gay rapper Lil Nas.  Lil Nas is about to release an album and like many artists, he can’t wait to drop it.  The rapper took a photo and made it look like she is expectant with his ALBUM. Probably what I am saying is confusing you have a look at what the rapper posted.



It seems like Marya Prude did not like this post. In her post, Marya post said that she wished Lil Nas knew how hard it is hard for some women to get pregnant.  She took a screenshot and shared it on her social media page expressing her disappointments and didn’t say much after. She said she will choose to keep her petty mouth shut.


Some Kenyans agreed with what Marya Prude said while some felt like she was taking it too far. What do you think about this? Did Marya Prude take it too far or you don’t see a problem with Lil Nas’ pic?



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I dont think Lil Nas X’s picture is offensive to pregnant women or those who can’t get pregnant. It’s just a picture

Even as I sympathize with the women who have had badluck in such matters, Aaih! Not everything is about you. Stop projecting.

Aaaah surely let Lil Nas be…he hasn’t mocked any pregnant women or made fun of women who can’t get pregnant. Jameni Marya should just chill and stop overthinking. Lil Nas is simply promoting his album and felt that a pregnancy shoot will do just that. Hapo ndio creativeness yake imefika… so let the guy be!

Pregnant of an album mwengine ashacatch,,,,😂😂si yy pia aende studio

She’s too dramatic, on God 🤦🏻

This one should quit social media and heal in peace, she petty af

Marya Prude plz rest….. stop seeing everything from a point of pain. That way u will always be sad

I’m really curious how are women losing rights? If anything they are more free than any women in human history.

We pia enda ingia studio utoe ngoma

Huyo mwanamke nini umsumbua lakini😂😂😂😂ajifocus

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