Frankie Just Gym It Hints That All’s Not Well Between Him & Maureen

It seems like Fitness Coach Frank Kiarie, alias Frankie Just Gym It, and his baby mother, YouTuber Maureen Waititu, are still at odds.

Yesterday, their first son Alexander Kiarie, who also goes by Lexy, turned six years old, and they both penned down celebratory messages for him on their respective social media pages.


However, Frankie’s message stood out, and it seemed sadder than festive. In it, Frankie said that Lexy gives him strength, and he added that he misses him.

His post indicated that he would not be spending the day with his son and that it had been a while since he met him. It was shocking because Frankie lives in the same town as his children.

Frankie also accompanied the message with a video showing their happier times together. However, the video was not of their recent meetings, but the past and fans noticed it.

My big champ, you turn 6 today. Your growing up too fast! Here is a collection of some of the moments of you that bring me joy. They keep me resilient. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday Lexi. Missing you.


Yaaaani you dont even have their recent photos..😢 hbd to the little man

A very happy birthday to the young man.. I pray someday soon you guys resolve your issues for the sake of the kids coz man, they grow so fast. Love and Light

This hurts😢😢😢, you mean you don’t get a chance to see them. I’m sure they miss you immensely ♥️♥️♥️

Happy birthday to him…you’ll see him soon…let Maureen heal.

One day they shall steal they way to you….there shall come joy….they know they belong to you.

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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