Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe reconcile, agree to raise their son together

After days of a fierce fight between Eric Omondi and TV queen Jacque Maribe over the paternity of their son, the two have finally come together and sorted their issues.

With the help of businessman Simon Kabu, the two revealed that they have ironed their issues and are ready to take care of their son.

Kabu revealed that he initiated the talk between the two celebrities and he can now testify that the two are headed in the right direction.

“Guys we are here because of Simon Kabu because Jacque was hot and I was hot and we could not meet. Me and Jacque we could not have a proper conversation but now we are good,” Eric said.

“We are sorry, we were wrong. We have a child to raise,” Jacque added.

Kabu urged the two to learn from their mistakes and leave what has happened in the last few days be a by-gone.

“We will not crucify you because of what happened. We say that things happen but how you sort them out is what determine how mature you are,” Kabu told them.

The reconciliation comes days after both Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe publicly differed our their son. In the disagreement, Jacque accused the comedian of neglecting the child while Omondi accused Jacque of denying him a chance to confirm the paternity of the child.

Now that the matter is sorted, Eric has agreed that he will take Jacque’s son as his and have vowed to take Jacque and their son for a vacation in December during Jacque’s birthday.

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    Written by George Okello

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