Edgar Obare’s Warning To Mainstream Media

Edgar Obare Instagram stories expose shed light on the Ndichu Brothers drama at the Ole Sereni that has been making headlines for days now media stations are taking to the story with their all and now according to the controversial blogger even begging him to help them identify the ladies who helped him expose the Ndichu twin brothers.

Seen on a story posted by the blogger on his backup account that he has been using since his main account was taken down due to his expose activities the blogger shared a message by a reporter from the daily Nation begging for his help a request he turned down, “my name is… from the daily Nation. Might you be able to connect me with the ladies who were caught up in an altercation with the Ndichu Brothers…”

Responding to the reporter the blogger made it clear he finds no reason to help the mainstream media, “Notice to all mainstream Media stop looking for me when you need something… Why would I help you?”


The blogger’s followers took his side as well.

“The audacity… the time for wash wash they covered you instead of the story…”

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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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